The Epidemic Affects Travel. Electric Bikes May Become A Market Demand

- Apr 10, 2020-

During the epidemic, in order to prevent cross-infection, subways, buses, and taxis have become the objects to avoid riding. At this time, the demand for private cars is increasing. So at this critical moment in fighting the epidemic, everyone should try not to participate in collective activities.

Society still has to operate. At this time, convenient single-person transportation is more appropriate; in the transportation ecology, motorcycles and electric bikes, which are suitable for single-person travel, are independent, and do not affect the travel of others.

Alucard bike.jpg


1. Under the epidemic situation, the electric bike motorcycle store can resume business first

Affected by the epidemic, most shopping malls and stores cannot easily open the door. Only some industries that are closely related to the lives of ordinary people can gradually recover. As the second batch of stores that can resume business, electric bike stores also indicate that they will continue to travel Will become the mainstream form of travel recommendation. In comparison, electric bikes will become more demanding products.

2. the remediation of various places may come to an end, the road is safer

After the epidemic, the main force of various government departments will tend to restore the economy and stabilize the people's hearts! The city that originally aimed at electric bikes may relax its policies, and government departments will realize that for the lower and middle-class people, electric bikes have the highest happiness index when traveling.

There is demand, there are policies, although the production end is affected by the epidemic, but with the continuous resumption of work, the impact is not expected to be too great. It can be expected that as long as various local governments really implement policies to improve the environment for car use, it is possible that within a few months after the epidemic, there will be a climax of electric bike consumption.

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